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Unfortunately all good things eventually come to an end and we have reached the end of our supply of subsidized Green Cones and Seattle Public Utilities is no longer able to subsidize the sale of Green Cones.


Green Cones are still available through the Seattle Conservation Corps, a work training program for homeless adults administered by the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation.


The current price of $130 for green cones and $110 for yard waste bins is a substantial reduction over retail prices.  You can save $50-$300 by purchasing your Green Cones and Yard Waste Bins from the Conservation Corps and in doing so you can know that not only are you helping the environment by composting and recycling nutrients back into the earth.  You are helping to give someone a fresh start in life.

If you prefer to order by phone, call 206-684-0190.

Green Cone Food Composting Bins

$130 each plus tax.

No Limit per household.
Yard Compost Bin

$110 each plus tax

No limit per household.
Rain Barrels


$110 each plus tax.
No limit per household.
Please choose a delivery method for your purchase:

Deliver to my home.
There is a $15 fee that covers up to 3 bins and one barrel. There is a $5.00 fee for each additional rain barrel in your order. (Delivery fees are taxable) Please allow two weeks for delivery.
Hold for pick-up. Pick up your order at the Seattle Conservation Corps office
located at Sand Point/ Magnuson Park Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to
3:30 PM. Call 206-684-0190 if you have any questions.