Donate Now

The Seattle Animal Shelter has three funds to receive charitable contributions for helping animals. Please make your donation today by entering an amount into any of the three boxes below.

$ Help the Animals Fund
Your donations fund animal welfare including vet care for shelter animals and support of the foster and volunteer programs.
$ Pet Population Control Fund (Spay/Neuter Fund)
Your donations ensure that dogs, cats, and rabbits can receive the spay/neuter surgeries they need regardless of their guardian’s income status or residence.
$ Off-Leash Area Fund
You love dogs parks and so do we! Your donation supports the off-leash areas managed by the Parks Department.

Your donation may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor. The City of Seattle's Federal Tax Identification Number is 91-6001275.

If you are interested in making a recurring donation to the animals, please contact the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation.